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List 6: Science & Technology

A short list of scientific books, covering evolution, navigation, natural history, and history of science. With association and annotated copies. Available as a PDF. Order direct by email or phone [503.719.5200].

List 5: Last Batch of Horology Books

45 more clock, watch and chronometer books (the last of the collection I acquired last month). With many European titles that are scarce in the US. Download the PDF. Please order direct by email or phone [503.719.5200].

List 4: Texas Authors

For some reason, I get more books in Texas than anywhere else. Here's a list of more than 80 books by Texas authors, from the sublime to the ridiculous! Available as a PDF. Or order direct by email or phone [503.719.5200].

List 3: New Arrivals

Two dozen new arrivals on many subjects, including a screenplay, standup comedy, modern fiction, and more. Available as a PDF or check our current inventory on our partner site Order direct by email or phone [503.719.5200} and save.

List 1&2: Updated List of Clock Books

(21 Oct 19) As a convenience, we've updated our first two horology book lists to show the current stock. Available as a PDF . You can order direct by email or phone [503.719.5200].


List 6: Science and Technology (pdf)


List 5: Clock and Watch Books, pt. 3 (pdf)


List 4: Texas Authors (pdf)


List 3: New Arrivals (Oct 1) (pdf)


List 1&2: Updated Horology Inventory (21oct19) (pdf)